Fluorescent magnetic powder flaw detector and metallographic examination of the difference

fluorescent magnetic particle inspection of the machine is done by magnetic flux leakage principle without damaging the part surface, internal and structural precision of cases for all types of magnetic parts surface and shallow surface of non-destructive testing equipment, magnetic particle inspection machine with high-intensity ultraviolet fluorescent magnetic suspensions can be more intuitively clear magnetic observation of defects. Due to large quantities of fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine is the preferred instrument for high accurate non-destructive testing.

metallographic test is through on parts for slice polished high microscope observation for defects detection of method, this species method can more intuitive of found crack defects of type, and size and the formed reasons, but due to metallographic detection belongs to destructive detection only applies Yu on bulk pieces of pumping detection, cannot for today full detection of requirements, only is fluorescent magnetic powder testing machine lossless detection means of added, or its detection precision of validation method.

fluorescent magnetic powder testing machine and metallographic detection has essentially of difference, but are is modern industrial production quality of guarantee means, both is coexistence of summary on cannot has has which one of on gave up another party, through fluorescent magnetic powder testing machine bulk detection out of defects products, again through metallographic detection can for enterprise accumulated defects formed of defects database, analysis defects produced of source and the causes, can for enterprise production out quality finished escort.


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