Automotive crankshaft were discovered by magnetic particle inspection magnetic rated the necessity of

Automotive is one of the most important parts in the automobile engine crankshaft, crankshaft of the internal quality and quality is an important factor influencing the quality of engine machining, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, demand is also rising on auto quality, automotive industry requirements gradually tightening on parts such as crankshafts. In crankshaft finished surface test in the, introduced more precise, and intuitive of "magnetic powder testing" method, which more easy exposed out crankshaft surface and near surface exists of various magnetic marks defects, but, on crankshaft finished test in the exists of magnetic marks type distinguish, corresponds to of magnetic marks of formed reasons, special don't is different type magnetic marks on finished crankshaft using process in the of effect, aspects, also didn't for deep people of research, also on no formed unified of acceptance standard.

at present, the crankshaft of each user according to their own acceptance criteria for finished crankshafts for acceptance, leading to objectively and impartially evaluate the quality of finished crankshafts. Using standard pine does not guarantee vehicle mass requirements, standards are too stringent and will create unnecessary waste.


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