Fluorescent penetrant for use

1, the purpose and principle of
sheyang hongxu manufacture limited production of fluorescent penetrant inspection machine is mainly used for metal and non-metallic materials, and surface roughness of a light (such as chromium, nickel alloy steel, copper, aluminium) inspection for surface defects. Unlike the magnetic particle inspection machine, non-metallic and magnetic particle inspection machine not detection of non-magnetic material.
fluorescent penetration liquid testing is using UV to inspired fluorescent material, makes its issued visible, and using physics in the hair fine penetration and adsorption of principle, will has strong penetration of solvent into to work surface micro-of opening defects within, then removal extra of penetration agent, again with strong adsorption capacity of explicit like agent, in UV irradiation Xia, issued fluorescent material, thus identify out defects of size and size.
2.1 UV irradiance, main technical indicators, from the observation of 380~400mm surface, there should be at least 800~100 mu m/cm2 (the wavelength of 365~400mm), penetrant, bring out the bright yellow-green.
2.2 permeability (sensitivity) can find the standard chrome block surface (micro) crack depth greater than width 1 μ m radiation defects.
2.3 Remove: water and matching cleaning agent to remove leachate, bubble-free, odorless, no shrinkage.
2.4 corrosion: corrosion cleaning agent to remove leachate must be free, free oxidation traces.
3, procedures,
3.1 will be checked first pretreated workpiece surface cleaning agent (except welding of weld slag), then scrub clean.
3.2 penetrant spray parts pressed against or partially painted in about 15~20mm, (or fluorescent penetrant liquid immersion method of workpiece) keeps the penetrant in saturation.
3.3: self-emulsified water, emulsifying cleaning agents or solvent cleaning after removal of penetrant on the surface of the workpiece, after drying, wipe clean with a soft paper and gauze, ultraviolet observing whether there are residual penetrant that is not clean until no dots appear.
3.4 image processing: after completing the steps 3.3, will support the imaging agent with brush to apply Imaging agents seized parts (powder Imaging powder spray or Imaging agents) from the test site 200~300mm a thin layer of spray.
3.5: the imaging agent spraying or brushing, traces observed defects dry white. Observation of ultraviolet lamp must foot technical requirement of section 2.1.
3.6 test and permeation fluid temperature is between 15~40℃.
Save: fluorescence does not penetrate liquid must be stored away from heat, open flames and strong safety.

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