Lightweight portable magnetic particle Tester

Lightweight portable magnetic particle Tester

Product description:
portable magnetic particle testing machine series: CY-1000 magnetic particle inspection machine, CY-2000 magnetic particle inspection machine
magnetic particle inspection machine series: CYD-3000 magnetic particle inspection machine, CYD-5000
CY-1000 magnetic particle inspection magnetic particle inspection machine for more information:      
  &Nbsp;  CY-1000 magnetic particle inspection machine is based on the latest research in magnetic particle testing machine industry SCR trigger development of a portable, support rods-new magnetic particle testing equipment. Using the AC magnetization method with phase controlled circuit breaker, residual magnetic stability, ensuring the quality of testing. Demagnetizing system built-in, automatic demagnetization decay modes. Can reset the magnetizing current values gradually dropped to zero, demagnetization effect is very good.  
    buy CY-1000 magnetic particle inspection machine client, we support discussion of random distribution, according to customer demand can also be equipped with low-voltage magnetic coils, one machine multipurpose, may also be classified as multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector.  
CY-1000 magnetic particle inspection machine applicable scope:
    CY-1000 magnetic particle inspection machine due to the small size, light weight, therefore, according to customers demand a fixed place in the laboratory, in the workplace, such as fixed application, can also bring to the testing site for field work.
CY-1000 related technical performance of the magnetic particle inspection machine:
 1, AC magnetization currents:
  peaks: 0-1400A adjustable
  valid values: 0-1000A adjustable
 2, demagnetization and currents:
  peaks: 1000-0A valid values: 1400-0A
 3, and Demagnetization effect: less than or equal to 0.2mT
 4 power supply: one-way 220V 50Hz
 5, weight: 15kg
CY-1000 advantages of magnetic particle testing machine:
 1 and high integration of movement and good process to improve the quality of the machine
 2, magnetizing direct switch, easy
 3, series of unified movement, General swap  
 4, high-current plug using reliable, easy BACK
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