CYE-3A portable/portable magnetic particle Tester

CYE-3A portable/portable magnetic particle Tester

first, an overview

    portable machines are designed to pressure vessels, high pressure pipeline welding and large local detection of stress concentration area of the workpiece, it is characterized by light, to the scene to carry out inspection operations and even the altitude; I plant a portable flaw detector, can be equipped with a variety of probes, all the features of both portable flaw detector

    -CYE-3A multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector is a variety of modes of magnetization of magnetic particle testing equipment. Instruments using thyristor switch, low noise, long life, easy operation, strong adaptability, stable. Is the recently launched new products, in addition to all the advantages of a portable machine, also has advantages moving machine parts, extended use, simplified operation. The aircraft belongs to the non-contact mini instrumentation. With AC rotating magnetic field, magnetic yoke magnetization in many ways. Is a reliable, lightweight, practical and efficient portable multi-purpose magnetic particle testing equipment. Can be equipped with a, d, Ec, o four probes (random distribution A,D,E four probe).

1, and Horseshoe type probe (a, type): it can on various angle weld, large artifacts of both inside and outside angle for testing;

2, and electromagnetic yoke probe (d type): it distribution has live joint, can on surface, and plane artifacts for testing;

3, and rotating magnetic field probe (Ec type): it can on various weld, and various geometry shape of surface, and plane, and pipeline, and boiler, and ball tank, pressure container for one-time full testing, can check artifacts surface full of defects and scars ;

4, magnetic coils (O type): it can meet all the artifacts it can fit inside a coil of circumferential crack detection, using it to detect fatigue workpiece trace (trace perpendicular to the axial fatigue) is very convenient, it also can be used to stay away from the workpiece by demagnetization.

    the instrument is a combination of several magnetic particle flaw detector, wide range of functions and applications, particularly for surface inspection of power arcs are not allowed. Instrument isolation transformer is used to provide the probe 36V power supply, low voltage, safe and reliable, long service life. Small size, light weight, improve strength, live features such as adjustable joints. For hull, pressure vessels, pipelines, bridges, spherical tanks, flat panel manufacturing industries, such as flat weld and fillet weld for a total or partial testing. Also may bring to the workshop, laboratory and field testing in the workplace.

II, and main branch operation index

1, and upgrade force:

(1) rotating magnetic field probe: ≥ 17kg;

(2) electromagnetic yoke probe (generation live joint): ≥ AC 6.5kg;

(3) Horseshoe type probe: ≥ 7kg;

(4) magnetic ring type coil: 2000AT;

2, and probe very from:

(1) rotating magnetic field probe: 100mm

(2) magnetic yoke probe: 0-255mm adjustable;

(3) the Horseshoe-type probe: 0-160mm adjustable;

(4) the magnetic coil: φ range 120 mm;

3, probe operating voltage: AC 36Vx2;DC 8V;

4, probe operating current: CA 8-12A;

5: power supply voltage: AC 220V ± 50Hz;

6, sensitivity: to display (30/100) a type of standard on-chip Groove;

7: overall dimension: 280x135x190mm;

8, weight: host 8.5kg; rotate the sensor weight 3.3 kg; electro-magnetic yoke probe 2.6kg; Horseshoe probe 2kg magnetic loop coil 2.6kg.

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