Fully enclosed fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine

Fully enclosed fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine

    head, applicable workpiece diameter φ ≤ 100,L ≤ 1200 automobile half shaft.
   , manufacturing standards based on principles of magnetic particle inspection, in accordance with JB/T8290-1998 of the magnetic particle inspection machine of the current standards and technical cooperation agreement was signed between the parties.
third, the principle of magnetic
    based on the structural characteristics of a shaft, direct power on circumferential magnetization and magnetic longitudinal magnetization yoke method, due to magnetizing current in phase difference of 120 degrees, so disposable composite magnetic method, you can display the full range of workpiece defects.
four, and design programme
1. models: CDG-3000 type computer control half axis magnetic powder testing machine
2. Overview: the models to can programming controller (PLC) for core, on system of clip tight, and spray, and magnetization, and turned, and demagnetization and pine clip, for control, can by provides program completed except upper and lower material and observation yiwai of all testing process, guarantee has testing effect, greatly reduce has workers of intensity.
of the magnetic particle inspection machine is equipped with the workpiece rotating device, the operation is very convenient.
button is pressed, the device according to prior in the PLC program for clamping and spraying of magnetic suspension, composite, human observation of magnetization, demagnetization and workpiece loose cutting work process.
 1 main technical indicators. Circumferential magnetization current: AC0-3000A, adjustable, with power outages phase control;
 2. Longitudinal magnetization magnetic potential: AC0-20000AT, adjustable, with power outages phase control;
 3. Magnetization: Zhou Xiang, vertical and combined magnetization of three.
 4. Power supply voltage: AC380V ± 10%, three-phase four-wire, CA 120A;
 5. Clamp type: pneumatic (air pressure ≥ 0.4MPa, user-owned gas source);
 6. The electrode spacing: 1200mm, adjustable
 7. Detection rate: 20 sec/piece (without loading/unloading time) (capable to more than 1000 students per class),
 8. Demagnetization effect: maximum remanence components after demagnetization ≤ 0.2mT;
 9. Flaw detection sensitivity: surface with a penetrating, 2nd test piece is clear.
 10. work piece rotation speed: 6r/min.
11. UV intensity: 380mm from the work piece surface, strength ≥ 1000 μg w/cm2 BACK
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