CEW-3000 fluorescent magnetic powder flaw detector

CEW-3000 fluorescent magnetic powder flaw detector

Products Description:
a, and overview
    CEW-3000 make DC fluorescent magnetic powder testing machine, is make DC dual-use 3000 type magnetic powder testing machine, Exchange testing compared DC testing of advantages is near surface testing effect very good, and DC testing compared Exchange testing of advantages is testing depth than Exchange to deep, so make DC testing phase tie Shi, some testing effect very good, it applies Yu iron magnetic material gear, and Rod material, and pipe, and cast material, and Axis class and other similar artifacts in the shape of many varieties, testing equipment, workpieces can be circumferential and longitudinal magnetization and demagnetization, composite, Zhou Xiang, vertical phase control, combined with power outages, method and wet method with the continuous testing, disposable magnetic all-round display magnetic.  
    the fluorescent magnetic powder flaw detector using OMRON industrial control devices (PLC) controls, all-round demagnetization, and has a programmable function, clamping can be automatic spray magnetization → → → → II → stop spraying fluid magnetization the magnetization demagnetization song clip → → → three times cutting assembly line operations, are ideal for many varieties of product testing equipment.
II, and principle
    the fluorescent magnetic powder testing machine to small industrial can programming sequence controller (PLC) for core, on system of mechanical program action, clip tight, and spray magnetic hanging liquid, and magnetization, and pine clip, and, action for control, can by provides program completed except upper and lower materials and defects observation yiwai of all testing process, can automatically operation, and can Manual single step operation.
    the fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine for composite magnetization the magnetization of the workpiece, which tie in circumferential and longitudinal magnetization the magnetization, and can detect magnetized range full range of defects on the surface of the workpiece. Circumferential magnetization by power method, method of longitudinal magnetization using magnetic induction. Circumferential magnetization and the longitudinal magnetization 50Hz AC power as power supply, voltage phase two road 120o apart. Artifacts in the composite magnetized, the vector analysis showed that, the workpiece will form on the surface of the oval-shaped rotating magnetic field changes over time. Just select the right intensity of magnetization current, you can make the surface more uniform magnetic field distribution.
    the fluorescent magnetic powder testing machine magnetization power of main circuit used SCR no section adjustable pressure circuit, using isolation main transformer to low voltage big current way output, on artifacts for week, and longitudinal Exchange composite magnetization, to one-time testing on can check out artifacts surface and near surface for forging, and stretch, and quenching, and grinding, and fatigue and caused of cracks and the clip slag, subtle defects. Control circuits using integrated circuit technology, using change thyristor conduction angle to adjust the size of the output current of the main circuit, magnetizing current can be adjusted continuously, and off phase control function, can be used for continuous inspection, and can be used for single direction of magnetization remanence inspection.
native of circumferential and longitudinal output voltage less than 36V, so it does not cause harm.
three, and equipment of main technology index
1. week to magnetization current: 0-3000A continuous can adjustable (Exchange);
2. longitudinal magnetization magnetic potential: 0-24000AT are, and negative guide phase (DC);
3. demagnetization magnetic potential: 24000AT-0 are, and negative attenuation (DC);
4. composite magnetization current: week to 0-3000A continuous can adjustable (Exchange), and longitudinal 0-24000AT are, and negative guide phase (DC);
5. the probe clamp distance: 2000-2500m lamp x12;
6. magnetizing effect: the surface of workpiece, type a 15/50 test piece veneer, clear
7. air source pressure: ≥ 0.4 Mpa (user-owned gas source)
8. power supply: three-phase four-wire AC 380V ± 50HZ 150A 6. Temporary load rate: ¡ý 20%
   , structure to fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine for mechanical and electrical integrated structure mainly consists of magnetic device, magnetic suspension sprays and recovery systems and other components.
holding device, magnetic devices to being the base of the bed, stainless steel tanks for the sector, divided into upper and lower sections.
top equipped with clamping devices, spray equipment and lighting systems. Lower output, vertical main transformer magnetizing current weeks, transformer, connect mounting plate copper, pneumatic components, fluid storage tank.
2, magnetic suspension sprays and recovery system
magnetic suspending liquid spray and recovery system by collecting tank, storage tank, drainage pumps, mixers, pipes conveying fluid and liquid injection device. Liquid storage tank for the independent as a whole, and the lid is equipped with drainage pumps, magnetic suspension in the liquid and stir. In order for the magnetic suspension without deposits, collecting tank is made of non-magnetic stainless steel.
v, control circuit work principle
    the fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine adopts programmable controller (PLC) to control the whole movement, order and magnetization of the frequency and duration of each movement, according to different procedures for the detection process requires preparation of PLC, in order to make the whole testing equipment to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of and the best results.
    This fluorescent magnetic powder testing machine is using on artifacts in plus magnetic field of role Xia, on artifacts surface of week to magnetization current and longitudinal magnetization magnetic potential by small to big, while reached enough of magnetization range, and while in artifacts surface spray water business fluorescent magnetic powder magnetic hanging liquid, makes its uniform to attached in artifacts surface, in artifacts has crack and defects of place caused permeability of changes, formed local pole and produced poly powder phenomenon, in Longwave UV of role Xia, Fluorescence line was clearly inspired by the fluorescent effect, to flaw identification purposes. BACK
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