Rugged testing machine

Rugged testing machine

Product description:
functions and features:
    hongxu stationary magnetic particle flaw detection machine clamping magnetic body, rotating Observatory, demagnetization and independent consisting of multiple magnetization power control mechanism. Its small industries PLC as the core control coordination action of the machine, complete except for loading and unloading, observing all of the testing process, which can run automatically according to set procedures, manual operation, primaries and less flow of electric current and is equipped with alarm systems, multi-channel magnetic leak-free, convenient operation, low labor intensity.
    main applies Yu engine industry rod of testing machine and the car gearbox parts of bulk magnetic powder testing, also can applies Yu other mechanical, engine, aviation, industry small parts for big bulk magnetic powder testing and complex not rules parts full detection.
main technology index:
1, and week to magnetization current:AC  0-2000A continuous can adjustable with power phase control, can preselection, Less flow alarm;
2:AC  0-24000AT, the longitudinal magnetization magnetic potential continuously adjustable phase control with power outages, preselection, less flow alarm
3, magnetizing method: circumferential magnetization respectively 2 workpiece power, the longitudinal magnetization, magnetization three composite flexible choice.
4, electrode spacing: 0-500mm adjustable
5, clamping methods: Pneumatic clamping (air supply greater than 0.4MPa-owned),
6, demagnetization machine within Windows: 250 x 250mm;
7, demagnetization effects; ≤ 0.2mT;
8, detection rate: 6 sec/piece;
9, power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V 10% 50Hz 200A (instantaneous). BACK
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