CJW-2000 fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine

CJW-2000 fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine

product description:

CJW-2000 fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine, part of the General multipurpose multi-purpose magnetic particle nondestructive testing equipment, is with the ferromagnetic materials, nondestructive detection of surface and near-surface crack preferred testing equipment, whether it is full or section for sampling, CJW-2000 testing machine is capable.

CJW-2000 magnetic particle inspection machines can detect all kinds of small parts, such as shafts, rods, tubes, rings as long as the parts of length diameter not greater than 200mm less than 700mm can be detected. If alien artifacts, CJW-2000-type magnetic flaw detector can also be detected, but much slower than machine speed. 


1, and entered power: 380V 50HZ three-phase four line   60A (instantaneous 2S)

2, and gas source pressure: 0.4--0.8MPa

3, and output current:

week to magnetization: 0-the 2000A (continuous can adjustable, with power phase control)

longitudinal magnetization: 0-the 16000AT (continuous can adjustable, with power phase control)

Magnetizing method: circumferential composite longitudinal magnetization, magnetization, magnetization; weeks, power law, vertical yoke method is used.

5, and operation way: control and manual operation

6, and very spacing: 0-700mm can adjustable

7, and clip tight way: cylinder clip tight (gas source user owned)

8, and temporarily contains rate: 20%

9, and demagnetization effect: Br ≤ 2GS (Exchange attenuation type demagnetization)

10, and sensitivity: a, type try tablets 30/100 clear displayed

11, and UV intensity: 380mm from the workpiece surface is not less than 1000 Mu w/cm2;

12, lighting: 20WX1 tube

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