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Jiangxi Midas NDT testing machine limited company is the domestic industry, specializing in the development and production of magnetic particle flaw detection equipment units. Our company has perfect management organization, has passed quality system certification, have many years of reform of design, production and maintenance of the magnetic particle inspection machine, magnetic particle flaw detector and demagnetization machine capacity.
    I company magnetic powder testing machine has: General type magnetic powder testing machine series, and dedicated type magnetic powder testing machine series; testing machine, and magnetic powder testing machine, and x ray testing machine, and Ray testing machine, and ultrasonic testing machine, and metal testing instrument, and fluorescent testing machine, and portable testing machine, and fluorescent magnetic powder testing machine; demagnetization machine has: car type demagnetization machine series, and conveying with type demagnetization machine series, products can on parts for fluorescent magnetic powder detection. Using computer-aided design of products with reference to United States MIL and Germany DIN standard, in line with the standards of the international JB/T8290-1998 of the magnetic particle inspection machine. Products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, railway, machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, internal combustion engines, diesel engines, bearings, springs, fasteners, shipbuilding, boilers, pressure vessels and other sectors of NDT.
    We always strive to provide customers with high quality and low price products and satisfactory service in the first place, on the magnetic particle inspection machine, magnetic particle flaw detector, demagnetization machine three bags of products, within one year of free service, lifetime warranty. Providing pre-sales technical advice and after sales service. Sincerely welcome new and old customers to come to consult the magnetic particle inspection machine, magnetic particle flaw detection device, demagnetization machine related magnetic particle testing equipment.

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